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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Technology: ACS More Birthdays iPhone Application

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Application Coming Soon (mid-November)

We're locking down development on the American Cancer Society More Birthdays iPhone and iPod Touch application today and submitting it to Apple.  Very excited to get it into the App Store and onto your device! 

Birthday Manager
The free More Birthdays application should be available for you to install by the middle of November, and works on both your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  The application connects to your device's contacts and Facebook friends list to compile a comprehensive list of the birthdays of important people in your life. 

In addition:
  • Receive birthday reminders every day or once a week
  • Send an e-mail cake with a personalized message to your friends
  • Customize your own cake and even blow out the candles!
  • Get involved in the More Birthdays movement with helpful links, video and info
The More Birthdays application is a great way to manage your friends' birthdays and make them feel special on their special day!

More to Come
The More Birthdays application is already a great utility that helps you stay connected with and remember your friends on their birthdays.  But more will be coming soon!
  • More cake customizations, candles and decorations
  • Earn status for game play
  • Donate to the American Cancer Society in honor of a friend on their birthday
We will also listen to you, our users, about any other possible improvements and enhancements.  Let's make this the best, most useful birthdays manager possible!

The More Birthdays Campaign
You may be familiar with the powerful More Birthdays commercials.  American Cancer Society is committed to making a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  You can watch one of these popular commercials below.

You can also go to MoreBirthdays.com to join the movement. Make American Cancer Society the official sponsor of your birthday, create your Birthday Page, download the ACS Birthday Kit and much more.


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