Tipping Pitches: Fatherhood



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The Completed Third Grade Project (1/11)
A few days ago I mentioned that a project to challenge my third grade son had ballooned into a challenging project of my own. Who deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Simple question. No simple answers. After a couple of weeks of work, I presented Michael with a 45-page document. He took it happily.

Hall of Fame for a Third Grader (1/8)
It all started with a project for a third grader... Our son Michael is a smart kid, and we're doing all we can to keep him challenged. He loves baseball (as does his teacher), so it was suggested that I provide him a project to work on in his spare time that centered around his favorite past time. Little did I know that the project would present me with a seemingly unsolvable problem.

"Michael, You're Cured" (12/14)
Our son Michael's annual oncology visit was scheduled for 9:00 this morning at the Denver Children's Hospital. If my math is correct, this was about our 15th visit to a children's hospital. It's a trip that we expected to make another 10 times. Our first trip was when we received Michael's original prognosis of neuroblastoma (a rare form of childhood cancer) in 2003. Michael was two and a half then, which makes him eight now. Quite a bit has changed since then.

Father and Sons Stuck in 1982 (11/18)
One of the most fulfilling of the many fulfilling aspects of fatherhood is enjoying something you are passionate about with your children. Tonight, I had bath duties since my wife was having her lady friends over to do crazy lady stuff. Books, complain about men, play with GI Joe's. Not real sure what they did. But we "men" (Michael, Pee Wee, JJ and me) were upstairs doing man stuff. Unplugged the PS2 from downstairs and hooked it up to our bedroom TV. To play some games? Nope. To watch "Harvey's Wallbangers." That's right, the story of the 1982 Brewers.

Six Years a Celebration (11/12/09)
Six years ago today, I was sitting in my cubicle as an underwriter for an insurance company. Six years ago today, our son Michael was two and a half years old and my wife Lisa was in an early pregnancy with our second. Six years ago today, we received the news: Michael had a mass in his chest. Michael had cancer.

Mr. Mom Meets ET (10/13/09)
Starting Friday, I became Mr. Mom when my wife hopped a plane for her 10-year college reunion. Then ET fell ill in the bathroom, a dozen space men appear from the walls, and I need to take care of these trouble-makers by myself for an indefinite amount of time.  Ah, fatherhood.

Loyalty Brewing (9/29/09)
I admit, like every dad I dreamed of having sons who cheered for the teams I cheer for now and as a boy.  But you really can't force it on them.  That backfired on me with the Packers (they root for the Broncos), and nearly backfired with the Brewers.  I backed off, and slowly Michael started expressing interest in the Brewers.  His brother followed.

Fantasy Basketball for Families (9/28/09)
How can you possibly have a competitive league of four people when two of the participants are aged five and eight and the other team is managed by my wife and toddler?  It's going to be a run-away, right?  Otherwise I should be ashamed.  Not really.  Let me explain...

Separating "Coach" from "Proud Papa" (9/26/09)
The Sabertooths have had a rough start to the season. Three games, three losses. Couldn't move the ball on offense. Defense looked good overall, but just a couple of plays where we were left reaching for flags were our downfall. Yet, I left that game beaming with pride.