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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Technology: The More Birthdays iPhone App

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A while back (November 4, to be exact), I told you about a project I'm working on for the American Cancer Society: The cancer-fighting organization's first ever iPhone application. Thanks to some last minute hiccups with the Apple approval process (we all have them), launch finally happened on November 30.

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Very happy about it. If you don't feel like reading the previous entry, it's a birthday manager branded More Birthdays (support a world of less cancer and more birthdays). While it is by and for the American Cancer Society, make no mistake -- this is an application that everyone can use. It's not a cancer app. It's a great utility that also happens to spread awareness and allow you to join the movement if you so please.

Enough of me, just take a look at the video demo:

Great stuff, right? Feel free to share the video with your friends.

I use the app every day, so if you're a friend of mine you can expect a digital cake from me on your special day.

The challenge so far has been getting the word out.
So, you wonder, how can you help? After all, you want a world of less cancer and more birthdays, right? Right?

Glad you asked. Here's what you can do:

1) Add the app! It's free. No excuses. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch (like I do), you can search for More Birthdays on iTunes or go directly there from this link.
2) Use the app! It's a great way to spread the word. But don't use it just to spread the word. Use it because it's a great, fun, useful application!
3) Join the Facebook fan page! We're using the Facebook fan page as a way to gather feedback and provide updates on upcoming enhancements and releases. Oh, there will be enhancements.
4) Share it with your friends! Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, whatever it is. You're likely to have friends who either support the More Birthdays movement, would like to become a part of the movement, or would simply like to have a cool, useful utility for their mobile device. Spread the word!

Thanks for your support, and there's much more to come!


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