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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Technology: It's Official: I'm Pro-Company

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Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I've learned some things over the years. Maybe my corporate roots have left me more understanding of the plight of the company.

Whatever it is, I've noticed a recurring trend lately. I'm pro-company.

Sounds terrible. Sounds like something you'd never want to be. I'm for the corporations and against the employees and the customers. Sorta.

I didn't really notice it until today, but let's go over some of my strongest opinions, most of which are covered within these pages:
  • I support Major League Baseball on the steroids issue.  I don't put all of the blame on them for the inability to notice and stop the problem.  I put much of the blame on the players and Players Association.
  • I rarely believe in conspiracy theories.  Sports leagues aren't fixing games so that big market teams get to the Promised Land.  ESPN doesn't hate the Brewers and other small market teams.  Referees and umpires aren't conspiring against you.
  • I am 100% behind the NFL and their new strict punishments to clean up the game and the image of its players.  Some players may suffer unjustly, but it's for the common good of the business.
  • I have learned to detest message boards and the constant complaining from the users about the company's management for which the website they are commenting was created.  Everyone needs to be fired.  No one is doing their job.  Every move is wrong and ill-conceived.  It's tiresome.
  • Unlike the general populous, I take changes to social networking sites in stride.  I realize that there is a business reason for the change, and I also understand that changes are made in phases.  You often don't see the full picture for why something is changed right away, but it usually eventually will make sense.
The last can be applied to several recent situations that I've covered here.  Facebook changes its design and people freak out, wanting the "old Facebook" back.  A few months later, Facebook makes another change, and people freak out again, wanting the old Facebook back that they previously hated.

People have similarly freaked out about the Retweet change on Twitter.  This change is far from finished, and Twitter's leadership has said as much.  But people don't care.  They hate it.  They will never use it, no matter what the eventual benefits.

And so they complain.  Complain, complain, complain.  But they never leave.  They just stay and complain.

Today, Facebook made some much anticipated changes to their privacy settings.  These changes are still being rolled out and I unfortunately cannot comment much on them at this point since I do not have access to them.  But they are changes that I've been excited about ever since the plans were first announced this past summer.

And people freaked.  Freaked, freaked, freaked.  Can't believe Facebook would make their friends list public, even though they gladly publicly follow 2,000 people on Twitter.  Freaked that their name, profile picture, and gender are now public.  As if those things are akin to your bank account number.

Always look past the good and gravitate to what could be seen as negative.  I'm convinced that much of this is spurred on by people wanting traffic to their own sites.  Celebrating Facebook for their changes would be boring and falling in line with the man.  Rebel and you become edgy, controversial, and for the people.

I see a lot of pluses to the new changes (that I have not yet been able to use), and I'll write my full review when I am able.  That is not the purpose of this entry.

I'm willing to try it out.  To give Facebook the benefit of the doubt.  To accept change.  To go with the flow.

Maybe I'm just too easy going in my old (post-20s) age.  Maybe I've been jaded by the incessant complaining and overreactions over the years, particularly when I've been a member of the company that is the target of the complaints and conspiracy theories.

Or maybe I've gone to the dark side and become pro-company


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