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Friday, October 2, 2009

Technology: Get Some Great Stuff and Fight Cancer!

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Full disclosure:  I work for the American Cancer Society, Great West Division.  So I have an interest in furthering along the organization's promotions.

However, this promotion is not mine, it comes from national.  And I've got to say that in all sincerity, this is a promotion that I'd find value in no matter who my employer.

The American Cancer Society and TrialPlay.com teamed with several sponsors to create TheBigBundle. I just linked it, but I'll do it again...


What, you ask, is TheBigBundle?

Pay $29.95 (or $14.95, I'll get to that later) and get nearly $800 of software and savings.  Even more?  That $29.95 goes to the American Cancer Society -- no one else -- to help fight and find a cure for cancer.  And before you ask, I've gone through the process.  There is no catch.  It's all for a good cause.

Let's start with what you get for your $29.95 (or $14.95, again, I'll get to that later). The items at the top in bold are what I've redeemed (or will redeem), and value is in parentheses.

WinZip: Winzip 12.1 Standard ($29.95)
FIRST 2500 BUNDLES ONLY! Papa John's: $10 Gift Card ($10.00)
Restaurant.com: $25 Gift Certificate ($25.00)
Gap: $20 off $100 purchase at Gap.com ($20.00)
Corel: Photo Album 7 ($39.99)
Collectorz: Movie Collector - Standard Edition ($29.99)
RoboForm Pro ($29.95)
Playfirst: Diner Dash ($19.95)
ImTOO/Xilisoft: 3GP Video Converter ($29.95)
Foxit: PDF Creator ($29.99)
CyberLink: MediaShow 5 ($49.95)
PopCap Games: Bejeweled 2 ($19.95)
GoDaddy: 1 Domain ($10.69)

Skype: 1 Month Unlimited* US & Canada Subscription ($2.95)
Trend Micro: AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2010 ($39.95)
TripIt: 6 Months of TripIt Pro ($34.99)
ZAGAT: 3 Month Subscription to ZAGAT.com ($14.85)
PETCO.com: $25 Coupon off $100 Purchase ($25.00)
Hotels.com: $50 Off a 3 Night Stay ($50.00)
1-800-Flowers.com: $20 Savings Pass ($20.00)
Snapfish: 16x20 Poster ($14.99)
Evernote: $25 off Evernote Premium ($25.00)
Shoebuy: $10 Gift Certificate ($10.00)
Threadless Tees: $5 Coupon ($5.00)
Nordstrom: $20 Rebate with a $100 Purchase ($20.00)
Mozy: 50% Off One Year of MozyHome Unlimited ($27.00)
CircuitCity.com $10 off $100 purchase ($10.00)
Dropbox: 3 Months of Dropbox Pro (50GB) ($29.97)
Picnik: 6 Months of Picnik Premium ($19.95)
23andMe: $50 Off the Full Edition ($50.00)
Lancôme: Free Shipping on ANY Order Plus Four Deluxe Samples ($44.00)
SmugMug: $25 Off a SmugMug Account ($25.00)

That's a lot of stuff, people.  My biggest draw here was that I already needed WinZip, and we needed pizza tonight.  So if all I did was use WinZip and get pizza, I just spent $14.95 (more on that later) for $39.95 worth of stuff.  And $29.95 went to American Cancer Society to fight cancer!

I admit, I wouldn't have gotten some of the software, but it was free.  But my wife was pumped about the $20 to the Gap, we could really use the $25 to a Sushi bar around here, and I'll probably redeem the GoDaddy domain as well.  Now we're talking about nearly $100 worth of stuff that I could actually use, but it costs me $14.95.  And you know what?  The Hotels.com, 1-800-Flowers.com, and Circuit City stuff looks pretty inviting as well.

Look, I'm no salesman.  I hate sales.  I'm not trying to sell this.  I'm enthusiastic because of the cause and because it's just so easy -- and it's not just giving money to a cause, but actually getting a whole lot of stuff in return beyond satisfaction of doing something good.  And you get that, too!

Ok, so here is how you also get all of this stuff for just $14.95 instead of $29.95.

1) Become a Facebook fan of TheBigBundle;
2) Change your profile picture to reflect TheBigBundle logo and send the link to your profile to facebook@thebigbundle.com.

That's it. In less than 10 minutes after sending my e-mail, I got the promotional code I needed to get half off. And of course the beauty is that not only do you get half off, but the original amount is still donated to American Cancer Society.

Good stuff! If you so choose, you can also get 40% off of a bundle that you buy for a friend. Is it just me? Have you ever seen a better promotion?

Kudos to all involved: ACS, TrialPlay, and the 32 sponsors.


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