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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Technology: BlogWorld and iStuff

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It's an exciting time to be me.  Lots of stuff going on.  My first big project with American Cancer Society is launching an iPhone application.  Kids, we are almost there.

I've been testing.  I've been messing around.  I've gotta tell ya.  It's some good stuff.  It's something to be proud of.  Much props to Welikesmall.  They know what they are doing (which means props to me for getting them on this project -- I pretty much rock).

I really don't want to jump the gun on releasing too much too soon.  But it's solid.  And just because it's American Cancer Society doesn't mean that it isn't an application that anyone will want to use.  It's a utility, and a very good one.  And it's fun.  Beautiful graphics.

I even attached a screen grab.  I wish I could provide more because it really doesn't do it justice.  It's the intro, and it's actually an animation.  And you have no idea what it is by looking at it, which is the way I want to keep it for now.  I'm cryptic like that.

I'm going to stop there for now.

Vegas, baby, Vegas.  I'm heading to Las Vegas next week.  Bachelor party?  Nope.  Gambling binge?  Probably not.  Partying with friends?  Well, may meet my wife's friend Shauna, but not your typical guy's weekend.

It's the BlogWorld New Media Expo.  I know, a little geeky.  But I'm excited about it.  After all, I have a blog.  And I'm also in the process of tackling some ACS social networking projects.  I am confident in what I know, but I will never claim to be an expert.  I can always learn from others, and there are some smart people at this shindig.

How do I know there are smart people there?  It's amazing the amount of networking you can do in a week and a half when you use social networking tools.  I've had a Twitter account for some time, used it off and on, but I didn't commit to it until September 24.  That's when I also created my blog.

So, I created my blog, dedicated myself to Twitter, and started researching whom I should follow.  Followed a bunch of techie social network-ie type people, and I've already learned a lot from the things they post.  They are die hard, no joke.  Lots and lots of content from them.  Obviously, it's more their full-time job than it is mine, but I respect them for it.

Anyway, pretty cool to find out that a lot of these people that I have been following are attending and even speaking/presenting at this event.  I'm excited to hobnob and such.  Make some connections.  Show my face.  I'm new in these circles really.  I've been around in technology, but really not the same circles as these folks.  Been all sports until now.  So it will be good to throw my hat out there.

Timing?  The ACS More Birthdays iPhone app may be launched by then (fingers crossed).  Can't time it much better than that.

So who is going to be there?  Even if you're not at the Expo, who will be in Vegas?  Let's meet up!


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