Tipping Pitches: Links: September 30, 2009


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Links: September 30, 2009

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A few things before I get to my links today, which are a little lighter than normal (although "normal" really hasn't been defined after four other Daily Links entries).

First, I'm all lined up to go to Las Vegas for the BlogWorld and New Media Expo from October 15-17. Pretty pumped about it. I'm kind of a new kid on the block (blog) when it comes to these types of conferences, but I've done things that are pretty close -- fantasy sports. Different group, but probably similar personalities. We'll see.  Who else is gonna be there?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

Also, we've been working with Welikesmall on a slick new iPhone application for American Cancer Society.  I don't want to give away too much just yet, but it will be pretty slick -- combining animations with a utility to keep track of details about your friends.  Pretty vague, I know.  Give me another week or so.

Gotta be honest with you.  A little surprised by the early slant towards technology that this blog has taken.  It seems that almost all of my links end up being about Twitter, Facebook, or iPhone.  I guess that has a lot to do with who my sources are for information right now, particularly with Twitter.  As that evolves, things will change.

Eventually, I want to even it out.  Sports, fatherhood, food that'll kill you but is good, yard and house stuff, Oprah.  We'll try to start covering it evenly (and who is the other person that makes this blog "we?").

Until then, let's get to the technology links:

Most Twitter Users Only Tweet About Themselves -- But Few Follow
Not all that surprising.  It's a secret that not enough Twitter users understand or are willing to adopt.  Actually, same applies to Facebook.  If all you do is talk about yourself, people tune out.  And to be honest, this is even moreso the case with Facebook.  With Twitter, you expect people to promote themselves (they should just make sure to mix in some interaction).  With Facebook, it gets incredibly tiresome to constantly read about other people, particularly when it's drama.  Drama, drama, drama.  You're mad at someone, nothing is going your way, you're sick, your dog smells, etc.  I know you and I want to know what's up, but I don't need all the drama.  If we were in a conversation and all you did was spout about your drama, I'd find a way to get out of the conversation.  With Facebook, I'll just hide you.  I'm a jerk like that.

When it comes to Twitter, it's a little different.  Either I follow you or I don't.  More of a commitment.  But if you're all about the drama (I'm not following anyone like that), you're unfollowed.

But that's not really the point with Twitter.  It's not so much that you'll get unfollowed if all you do is talk about yourself.  It's just that you'll have a tough time making strong relationships (or any at all) that will lead to a productive Twitter account.  You interact with others (send them @replies, retweet others' stuff, send personal DM's), they will be a whole lot more willing to promote your stuff for you.  If you don't have a base of followers who will reciprocate, you're wasting your time.

Facebook Just Made It Super Easy To Put Connect On Your Site
Yeah, supposedly.  But don't think this applies for BlogSpot.  I actually tried to add Facebook Connect to this blog last week.  I got everything up and running just fine but the commenting.  I'm not a programmer, so I may not know enough javascript to figure it out, but that was my issue.  If anyone has any ideas -- or have heard of this same problem and how to fix it, please let me know.  Essentially, I couldn't get the new Facebook commenting to replace the current commenting on the site, and I couldn't find the proper spot to put it in the code.

Following People
There are several sites that will help you find people to follow.  Some, like Mr.Tweet, will look at your current followees (I don't care if that's wrong terminology) and make suggestions.  Others, like Lunch and TweepMPL categorizes people and allows you to add entire lists of people to follow.

But does it matter? Apparently Twitter will release similar functionality soon. People will be able to group the people they follow (kind of like on Facebook with Friends, I guess), but the groups will be public for people to automatically import to their own lists. Good stuff.

Ronnie's Rap
Ok, I have to pass this on.  I was just about done with my links when my brother IM'd this to me.  Wow, does it take me back.  Just click to watch, please.  Hopefully you remember this from the mid-80s.  It was a very popular rap by a Ronald Regan impersonator.  My brother and I absolutely loved it.  I don't think I've heard this in 25 years.  Ah, the beauty of technology.

FYI, sound cuts out in the second half, but it's still well worth the listen (until it goes silent, of course.  After that, listening is kinda silly).


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