Tipping Pitches: Links: September 29, 2009


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Links: September 29, 2009

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The boys and I are heading to a Brewers game tonight, so not a lot of time for chit chat.  But here's a list of my favorite links of the day with a few thoughts...

Tips from the Twitter Elite
Pretty simple suggestions, but things that I need to remind myself regularly.  In a nutshell:

1) Managing a successful Twitter account is hard work.
2) Promote others more than you promote yourself.
3) Be genuine.
4) Thank others for retweets and replies.
5) Keep it simple.

It all makes sense, but only a small minority follows these rules.  Some work hard for a while, then give up when they don't have immediate results.  Some promote themselves like crazy and don't understand the lack of response when they don't promote others.  Interaction is huge.  Make friends.  Scratch their backs and they'll scratch yours.

5 Twitter Tips for Staying Authentic and Transparent
A little more detail about #3 above.  Just be yourself.  Be human.  Let people know who you are.  Of course, this is a little more difficult for brands.  You can allow someone to be the face of your brand and then they move on.  Then what?

2009 Social Media Challenge
Social media in the name of education.  Gotta love it.

Google Wave: A Complete Guide
Video from Huffington Post
Google Wave Invites: How to Get Them
Lots of Google Wave stuff.  I'm still trying to wrap my arms around it myself, and I don't feel so bad about that since Huffington Post provided an hour and 20 minute video that explains how it works.  Hopefully this won't mean that Wave is too complicated -- which seems to be everyone's concern -- to catch on with the mainstream.  Regardless, love the innovation.

Gotta love Mashable.  Got an invite to OneForty through them, and get instructions on how to get an invite for Google Wave today.  Just when I thought it was too late...

RUMOR: Apple Tablet Is an iPhone with a 10.7″ Screen
Sounds cool to me.  My only complaint about the iPhone/iPod Touch is it's size.  I mean, the size is good for its purpose.  It's very portable.  But if I ever want to do anything of substance, I need to shift to my laptop.  Looking forward to finding out whether the rumor is true.

So, you want to start your social media presence
I've been following @EricPratum because, well, he's a god on Twitter.  I'll listen to his advice, and not surprisingly he provides the goods here.

20 Great Social Media Professionals On Twitter
As you may know, I only recently dedicated myself to my personal Twitter account.  Articles like this one are invaluable.  Lists!  Easily follow all 20 people in one click (or maybe two).  Already reaping the benefits.

3 New Facebook Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand
It's not all about creating Facebook groups anymore.  Not even a matter of simply having a Facebook page or application.  Plenty of helpful information here to guide brands in their pursuit of the perfect Facebook marketing strategy.


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