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Monday, September 28, 2009

Links: September 28, 2009

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Links galore today.  Let's dig in...

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Always good to read articles like this one as a reminder.  Make no mistake, this is no spammer's guide.  But at the same time, it makes the point that quantity is sometimes better than quality when it comes to number of followers -- or at least, quantity leads to much more quality.

Ultimately, you need to stay vigilant.  Be active, consistent, and avoid large stretches of silence.  That consistency combined with daily interaction and retweets (the proclamation from others that you have good stuff to say) will eventually drive up your numbers.

Twitter is Just Stupid, Pointless Hype?
It's purely tongue-in-cheek, but 5 Minute Genius describes what many corporate types believe.  Hey, I admit, I wasn't particularly keen on Twitter either.  I saw some value, mainly because so many people were involved.  There was an audience.  But I saw it as a fad that, as the title suggests, was largely pointless.

I was wrong.  But the template copy at the end could have been written by me a few months ago or any other anti-Twitter type.  Pretty funny stuff.

Apple App Store Crosses Another Threshold
Stop giving out numbers of iPhone users, applications created and downloads when you're trying to make an argument for getting involved with the mobile device.  It's like trying to keep up with the numbers served at McDonalds.  Just say "Billions and Billions."

There are now more than 85,000 apps in existence, and the golden 2 Billion threshold has been eclipsed.  I swear I was saying 1.1 Billion just a couple of months ago.

The author asks a good question, though.  Of those 2 Billion apps, how many are still being used?  I admit, there are apps on my device that I have NEVER used.  Doesn't make much sense, I know.  But I'm not alone.

What is Your 'R' for ROI in Social Media?
Marketers need to bookmark this article and send it to anyone who has authority when it comes to budgeting.  Social Media should not be judged by the typical rules of marketing.  Forget "ROI."  If you judge your campaign's success or failure based on ROI, the campaign will be a failure.

Instead, focus on engagement: fans, friends, comments, discussions, retweets, etc.  I've run into this first hand and am about to begin a test that will help mold our social networking future.  It will be important that all involved understand these concepts.

Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner is (apparently) Dead
I am following the NBA on Twitter, and I was at first excited to see that they have opened up sign-ups for fantasy basketball leagues.  I oversaw fantasy basketball for the NBA for three seasons and built their strategy from nothing... to something.  Among the many things I did was put together a suite of games, giving different types of users different options.

The king of those games was Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner, a free, fully customizable draft-and-trade game.  I left after the 2007-08 season, and the game (and everything else I left on my desk) remained for the following year.  Now, it seems it's been replaced by an ESPN version.  The UFC is dead.

It's too bad.  Like any complicated game, it had its technical issues.  But still, my fingerprints are slowly being erased from the site.  Hope to see them succeed.  Still said to see things I worked on disappear.

OneForty -- Part II
I gave a review of Twitter's unofficial app store today, and then spent quite a bit of more time on the site trying out applications.  There's a whole world of tools just waiting for you to try.  I suddenly have a browser full of bookmarks as well as several new programs on my hard drive.  CoTweet, PeopleBrowsr, Twitter Grader, Mr. Tweet, WeFollow, WhoShouldIFollow, UnTweeps, TweetBeep, Tweet Stats, Twitalyzer, Hoot Suite, Tweet Find, Twitter Counter, Seesmic, Twhirl, and Destroyer have all been tried out today.

Also went back to compare some of the new apps to one I already had, Tweet Deck.  It's been a while since I used it.  Since when has it been taken over by Blink 182?  Annoying, to say the least.


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